Time for a blog you lovely people.

I have been advised that this blogging malarkey is particularly good for informing our adoring public as to what is happening in the world of Blackstar so here goes:

We have had a year of ups and downs but the majority of the ups have been due to meeting wonderful people in the music and film world. The old adage goes ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ and I’ve come to realise that is so true.

We went along to Rebellion Festival in Blackpool this August and without exception every person we interacted with was as friendly and courteous as you could wish for. Rebellion is a punk festival and for the unenlightened punks are antisocial, agressive nasty people…..this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Obviously we are used to dealing with punk bands and we use the Rebellion Festival each year to make contacts and network like mad as well as enjoying the music. I was lucky enough to play the festival last year as a member of Department S and it is just the wildest experience with the backstage bar awash with stars from the upper echelons of the punk hierarchy through to the newest acts aided and abetted by journalists and numerous liggers, it really is a glorious melting pot.

Anyway, with a recommendation to attend this cracking gathering we are now looking forward to the annual Alternative Music Festival in Skegness which takes place on the first weekend of October and, although a much smaller roster of acts, remains the second biggest event in the punk calendar. I intend to update this blog to give a flavour of what we experience there as well as keping you updated with news on upcoming events so watch this space for gig experiences and forthcoming Department S dates.

Alan Galaxy – 27/09/2018